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Cabin Filter - Honda Civic | Honda Accord | Honda Odyssey | Honda CR-V 2.0 (17)

VIC-AC-806E - Cabin Filter

₱833.33 Regular Price
₱591.66Sale Price
  • * VIC is a trusted replacement filter brand manufactured in accordance with OEM quality levels
    * Meets or exceeds genuine or OEM performance standards * VIC is 100% genuinely made in Japan
    * Filter media surpasses OEM standards in terms of pleating, i.e. more filtration area
    * VIC products pass stringent quality control tests during production

    * Cabin air filters protect passengers' health by filtering out airborne pollen, bacteria, dust, and smog. They reduce dust and dirt accumulation in the vehicle's air-conditioning system and interior. Cabin air filters also increase air-conditioning and heating output and performance. VIC EX cabin filters are electrostatically charged to more efficiently capture dust, pollen, tobacco particles, fumes, and other pollutants. VIC cabin filters conform and even exceed OEM standards, virtually guaranteeing the same level of performance, or even better.

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