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Be A Winner, Be A VPX Owner!

Let's walk you through our VPX Franchising program if this business is right for you.


Sometimes, when it comes to business expansion, it doesn’t necessarily mean always going bigger. We now offer a more affordable franchising program for enterprising Filipinos with the “VPX Starter Package.” Now, you can operate your auto repair shop with just a 200-sqm space, with lower startup capital and reduced franchising fee. 



Integrity is paramount to our success. We do what we tell you we are going to do and go above and beyond. That is what great partnerships is about.


We are in this TOGETHER

When it comes to franchising, VPX assists owners every step of the way, from documentation to building and even training and management. “We provide you full confidence in the program as we have built the model to be truly successful. 


We WANT you!

With down payments for cars easier to afford by many Filipinos, it’s no wonder the auto industry is adding 300-400K units a year. More cars on the road mean the same number of vehicles looking for alternatives to car dealerships. With an average of Php4K per maintenance spend, the pie is big enough for everyone to share.


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